"Once a year, we hold these games to honor the mighty reindeer who draw my sleigh every Christmas Eve. May the Flyers of tomorrow be discovered today. Let the games begin"

Santa opening The Junior Reindeer Games

The Junior Reindeer Games is an event that happens in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie. Once a year at Reindeer Stadium, adolescent reindeer take part in games and the winner is sometimes picked by Santa Claus to become a Flyer for his sleigh. There are two known events: The Sleigh Race (which involves the reindeer pulling a sleigh with an elf in it) and The Leaping Contest.

It is first mentioned by Blitzen during "What About His Nose", where he says he can't wait until his son Rudolph is old enough to take part in the games.

It is later mentioned by Mrs. Prancer to her class at Reindeer School when she asks how Santa picks reindeer to become Flyers, which is answered by Zoey.

A year later, Rudolph, Zoey and Arrow (who is Rudolph's cousin and Zoey's boyfriend) along with many other adolescent bucks and does take part in The Sleigh Race. However Arrow, determined to be chosen to be a Flyer, starts cheating by knocking some of the other competitors off course. He then taunts Rudolph by claiming that Zoey told him that she's only nice to Rudolph because she feels sorry for him, causing Rudolph's nose to light up and make Arrow and his elf driver crash into other competitors. Rudolph, along with his driver Doggle, wins the race, but is disqualified by the Elf Referee who saw what Rudolph's nose caused as cheating and makes Arrow winner instead much to the dismay of Rudolph's parents Blitzen and Mitzi, Zoey, Santa and Mrs. Claus.



  • If watched closely, it can be seen that Zoey was second to Rudolph in the Sleigh Race. Therefore, she should have been made winner by default instead of Arrow as in real life racing, the runner is made winner by default if the winner is disqualified. However it is possible that the reason Arrow was made winner by default instead of Zoey was that Arrow was originally in second place before Rudolph caused him to crash.
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