Schoolroom Doe





Eye Colour


Fur Colour

Fur: Brown and Cream


Santa's Village


Her teacher Mrs. Prancer, her classmates Rudolph, Zoey, Arrow, Schoolroom Doe 2 and Schoolroom Buck


Rudolph (formerly)

Voiced By

Myriam Sirois

The Schoolroom Doe is a very minor character in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie and one of Mrs. Prancer's students at the North Pole's Reindeer School

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The MovieEdit

This doe is seen along with several other yearlings in Mrs. Prancer's class being taught about reindeer history and along with Schoolroom Buck, says that she would like to be a Flyer. But when Rudolph says he would like to be a Flyer too, she along with Arrow and the other students (except Zoey) laugh because they think Rudolph will never be chosen to be a Flyer because of his red nose. It is presumed that after Rudolph left the school, this doe along with the rest of the class (sans Zoey) were scolded by Mrs. Prancer for hurting Rudolph's feelings.

Though not seen again, it is possible that years later after Rudolph ran away she, and the other reindeer and elves who made fun of him, felt guilty for taunting him. After Rudolph saved Christmas she possibly realized Rudolph deserved to be a Flyer and she now considers him a hero.


Schoolroom Doe has brown eyes, peach colored fur and wears a two red bows.



  • The Schoolroom Doe's voice actress Myriam Sirois also voiced teenage Zoey in the film.
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