Santa Claus Is Comin To Town is a stop motion Christmas film which was released on 14 December 1970 and was created by Rankin/Bass.

It shows of how Santa Claus came to be.


The Mailman S.D. Kluger decides to answer some of the most common questions about Santa Claus, and tells us about a small baby named Kris who was left on the doorstep of the Kringle family (toymakers). When Kris grew up, he wanted to deliver toys to the children of Sombertown. But its Burgermeister (Herr Meisterburger) is too mean to let that happen. And to make things worse, there's an evil wizard named Winter who lives between the Kringles and Sombertown, but Kris manages to melt Winter's heart (as well as the comely schoolteacher's) and deliver his toys.




  • This is one of two films which are prequels to Rankin/Bass' most famous film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, the other one being The Year Without A Santa Claus as both films take place many years before Rudolph's birth. Rudolph himself makes a cameo appearance in former with S.D. Kluger telling the audience that Rudolph's backstory is a different story.