Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a 1939 book written by Robert L. May and published by American retail store Montgomery Ward.


The story follows a young reindeer named Rudolph, who was born with a red nose which could light up. Because of this, Rudolph was treated like an outcast by the other reindeer in his village.

On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus does his deliveries and comes to Rudolph's house and notices his nose light up. Santa awakens Rudolph and asks him to use his nose's light to help him and his reindeer through the storm to which Rudolph agrees.

Following this, Rudolph returns to his village and is finally accepted by the other reindeer.

Film and Television AdaptionsEdit


  • The 1944 film is more closely related to the book as like the book, this film depicted Rudolph as being the child of normal reindeer. Wheres the 1964 and 1998 films depicted Rudolph as being the child of one of Santa's reindeer (1964's Rudolph is the son of Donner whilst 1998's Rudolph is the son of Blitzen).