Rudolph and Stormella




Antagonistic (formally)
Friendly (currently)


Enemies (formally)
Friends (currently)

Rudolph and Stormella are two characters who at first were enemies because Stormella kidnapped Rudolph's friend Zoey and tried to put Santa Claus out of business by creating a storm. But in the end by Rudolph's request, Stormella became good and the two are now on friendly terms.


Rudolph's InfancyEdit

Rudolph first saw Stormella when he was a newborn buck when she entered Santa's workshop demanding to know which of Santa's elves destroyed her ice garden before closing off her bridge to public and forbids anyone to cross it after Santa refuses to hand over Boone and Doggle (the elves responsible for destroying the ice garden by accident).

Rudolph's Teenage LifeEdit

Rudolph encounters Stormella again when he is a teenager. After hearing from The Sprites of the Northern Lights about Stormella capturing his friend Zoey, Rudolph along with his polar bear friend Leonard travel into Stormella's palace Ice Castle to rescue Zoey, but before they can free her, they are caught by Stormella who imprisons them. Stormella then reveals to the trio that due to Zoey crossing her bridge, she can now cast her storm to put Santa out of business. Rudolph tells Stormella that Santa will find out about this, but Stormella tells him that Santa won't be worrying about them as he has his own problems.

After Stormella creates her storm, Rudolph's Arctic Fox friend Slyly steals her keys to the cells to free Rudolph, Zoey and Leonard, but when outside, the group are confronted by Stormella, her wolves and her butler Ridley. When Stormella tries to harm Zoey, Rudolph jumps in between them and his nose lights up, causing Stormella to fall down the cliff side. Luckily, Rudolph aided by Zoey, Slyly, Leonard, Ridley and the wolves, saves Stormella by getting her to take hold of his antlers and pulls her up.

Afterward Stormella is told by Slyly and Ridley that due to him saving her life, she must grant Rudolph a wish. Rudolph wishes for her to be nice, but Stormella tries to change his mind by saying she can give him a normal nose. But when Rudolph sticks to his original wish, Stormella gives up and casts a spell that makes her turn nice. Stormella becomes nice but she tells the group she can't stop the storm as it has to run it's natural course before sending the group on their way and wishes them a Merry Christmas.

The next day on Christmas Day, Stormella after been given an ice sculpture of herself as a replacement for the statutes destroyed, she along with Ridley and the other residents of Santa's Village sing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as they welcome Rudolph, Santa and the Flyers back from their Christmas Eve deliveries and plays piano at Santa's home.

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