Rudolph and Leonard








Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie

Rudolph and Leonard are two characters who become best friends after Rudolph leaves his home and meets Leonard.


The two first met when Slyly and reluctantly Rudolph trick Leonard into leaving his cave so they can stay there after the cave they previously live in collapsed due to an avalanche. Leonard soon discovered this trick and confronts the two, but when Rudolph apologises for what he and Slyly did and said why they did it, Leonard forgives them and lets them stay.

The next morning, Leonard along with Slyly goes with Rudolph to Ice Castle to save Rudolph's friend Zoey after she was captured by Stormella. However, Slyly stays behind in fear of Stormella's wolves whilst Leonard and Rudolph cross Stormella's bridge and enter the castle. The two get inside and are able to find Zoey by following her singing, but when they attempts to free her, Stormella arrives and imprisons them before leaving to cast her storm to put Santa Claus out of business.

Luckily, Slyly plucks up the courage to follow his friends and finds them locked up and goes to get the key to free them. Afterwards, Leonard, Rudolph, Slyly and Zoey flee the castle, but when they get outside, they are confronted by Stormella, her wolves and her butler Ridley. When Stormella tries to attack Zoey, Rudolph's nose lights up, causing Stormella to fall down a cliff side. Leonard along with Slyly, Zoey, Ridley and the wolves help Rudolph save Stormella who by Rudolph's request turns nice but can't stop her storm.

After leaving Ice Castle, Leonard, Rudolph, Slyly and Zoey are found by Boone and Doggle (who were sent out by Santa to find Rudolph and Zoey) and are brought back to Santa's Village. Later that night, Leonard along with Slyly and Zoey wish Rudolph good luck before he leaves to help Santa and the Flyers get through the storm with his nose's light.

The next day on Christmas Day, Leonard and Slyly find presents for them from Rudolph with Leonard getting Rudolph's scarf whilst Slyly gets Rudolph's teddy bear. After Rudolph, Santa and the Flyers return, Leonard along with the other villagers are seen singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

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