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Roger (father)
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The North Pole

Rudolph (also known as Rudy and Mr. Red) is the oldest son of Roger, the older brother of Rusty and a minor character in Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen.

He does not make a physical appearance in the film, but is heard talking offscreen.

Rudolph first takes part in a photoshoot with the rest of the sleigh team.

He is later heard calling to Roger to watch him flying in the air, whuch causes Roger to pay attention to him rather than Rusty, who was asking Roger how he could be part of Christmas, if he couldn't fly the sleigh.

He later flies over Rusty, who had left Santa's workshop.

When arriving in the city, Rusty sees a billboard with a picture Rudolph and the other members of the sleigh team on it. When arriving at Icons Anonymous, Rusty is at first mistaken for Rudolph by the group's members, but Rusty tells them that he is his brother and is about to say Rudolph's name, but one of the members Candie the Easter Bunny stops him and says that they do not use names as at the group as it is anonymous.

When visiting Walmart, Rusty comes across a Rudolph cardboard cutout and a shelf with Rudolph toys on it. The Kid's mother and father walk past the toys and decide to buy one for their other son Peter.


Though he does not make a physical appearance, judging by the cardboard cutout and toys of him, Rudolph has brown fur and wears red reins. The cutout and toys also depict Rudolph having a black nose, meaning that his nose is only red when it lights up. He also bears a resemblance to his brother Rusty.



  • Due to copyright reasons, Rudolph is not named in the film, but is refered to as "Big Red" at one point by Rusty.
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