Rudolph's mother





Eye Colour


Fur Colour

Beige and White


Unseen male reindeer (mate)
Rudolph (son)

Rudolph's mother is the mate of an unseen male reindeer, the mother of Rudolph and is a minor character in the 1944 animated short film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Role in the filmEdit

She appears at the start of the film calling for Rudolph to come inside whilst he is being picked on by the other young reindeer which he does. When Rudolph arrives home, his mother, seeing that Rudolph is saddened and hurt because the reindeer children were teasing and making fun of him, cheers him up and reminds him to hang up his stocking for Santa Claus, which he happily does.

Later that night, Rudolph leaves a note for her and his father to tell them that he is going to help Santa and his reindeer through the fog with his nose's light.

Though not seen again, it is possible that Rudolph's mother is happy that Rudolph is finally accepted by the other reindeer after helping Santa and is made leader of the sleigh team.


Rudolph's mother has beige fur with white fur on her face and neck. She also has black eyes and wears a blue dress and white apron.



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