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John Ales

Roger is the father of Rudolph and Rusty and a minor character in Holidaze: The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen.

At the start of the film, he is shown to favour Rudolph and paid little attention to Rusty, much to the latter's dismay. He would also talk about Rudolph to the other residents of The North Pole.

Role in the filmEdit

Roger is first seen talking to two other reindeer about Rudolph. He briefly says hello to Rusty before carrying on talking to the other reindeer. When Rusty wishes to show Roger his flying, Roger replies that he'll see it later.

After Rusty is rejected by Comet and Blitzen for not being able to fly properly, Roger arrives and asks what is wrong, but his attention is quickly changed to watching Rudolph flying. He turns his attention back to Rusty and tells him to help Mrs. Claus with her baking.

At the end of the film, Rusty sees Roger talking to the Narrator Elf and thinks that he is once again talking about Rudolph again, only to realize that he is talking about Rusty himself and how he saved Christmas.

Roger is last seen talking once again to the Elf Narrator about Rusty meeting The Easter Bunny and taking part in a play and was the star (in reality, he was playing a camel), but left to save Christmas.


Roger has brown fur with light brown legs, antlers with three points on them, a black nose and wears glasses.


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