Elf Referee





Eye Colour



Santa's Village

Voiced By

Paul Dobson

The Elf Referee is a character in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie and is the referee of The Reindeer Games.

He is first seen in the scene after the title credits just before Blitzen and Mitzi arrive to give their newborn son Rudolph a tour of Santa's Village.

He is next seen years later at The Junior Reindeer Games at the beginning and later end of The Sleigh Race, disqualifying the race's winner Rudolph because his red nose went off seeing it as cheating and makes Rudolph's cousin Arrow winner instead (in reality it was Arrow's taunting that caused Rudolph's nose to go off). He is then seen with Blitzen who says that he can't ban Rudolph from the rest of the games, but the referee replies that the decision is final. Blitzen tells him that the nose problem isn't Rudolph's fault it just cause he was born that way and it was an accident, unaware that Rudolph is listening to this.

He is last seen with Mrs. Prancer and then with Mitzi and Leonard watching Rudolph along with Santa Claus and the rest of the Flyers return from delivering gifts to the children of the world.


  • After disqualifying Rudolph the referee makes Arrow winner by default but watching closely it can be seen that Zoey came second to Rudolph so technically the referee should have made her winner by default instead of Arrow.
  • It is possible that the reason the referee disqualified Rudolph rather Arrow is that judging from where he was standing, he probably didn't seen Arrow deliberately knocking other competitors off course or hear him taunt Rudolph. This would explain why the referee saw Rudolph as the only "cheater" and believed Arrow to be innocent.