Donner and Rudolph








Father and Son


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Donner and Rudolph are a father and son whose relationship at first was both loving and strained, but was repaired when Rudolph was older.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerEdit

Rudolph's InfancyEdit

When Rudolph was born, Donner, along with his wife Mrs. Donner, was overjoyed. However, soon after, his joy turned to shock when Rudolph's nose light up red. Shortly after, Santa Claus arrived and upon seeing Rudolph's nose, told Donner that he hoped that it would stop if Rudolph wanted to join The Sleigh Team.

In an attempt to make Rudolph normal, Donner put mud on his nose, but it came off. Donner also taught Rudolph about living in The North Pole, whilst avoiding the snow monster Bumble.

Rudolph's Yearling LifeEdit

A year later, in an another attempt to make Rudolph normal, Donner placed a fake nose on his son's. Rudolph protests that it is uncomfortable, to which Donner tells him that there are more important things than comfort, such as self respect.

Later, Donner takes Rudolph to take part in The Reindeer Games along with other young bucks. Donner watches on happily as Rudolph impresses the games' coach Comet and Santa with his high leaping (which was due to a young doe named Clarice calling him cute). However, thing take a turn for the worst when Rudolph's fake nose falls off after a playful tussle with another young buck named Fireball. This causes Fireball and the other young bucks to laugh at Rudolph, who is then banned from the games by Comet. Donner is then scolded by Santa for giving Rudolph a fake nose.

After Rudolph runs away, Donner blames himself, thinking he was too hard on his son, before setting out to find him. He turns down Mrs. Donner's help as he insists that it's a man's work. However as soon as Donner leaves, Mrs. Donner, along with Clarice, goes after him.

Rudolph's AdolescenceEdit

Months later, Donner, along with his wife and Clarice, is captured by Bumble. Before Bumble can harm the trio, Rudolph (after being informed by Santa of the trio's absence) arrives to save them, but is knocked out. Whilst Hermey and Yukon Cornelius deal with Bumble, Donner along with Mrs. Donner and Clarice stay near Rudolph as he comes round.

After Yukon apparently sacrifices himself to stop Bumble from harming the others, Donner, his wife, son, Clarice and Hermey, return to their village, where Rudolph is finally accepted.

After Rudolph agrees to use his nose's light to guide Santa's sleigh through fog, Donner watches on proudly with Mrs. Donner and Clarice as his son and the other members of the sleigh team fly into the night.