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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Donner and Mrs. Donner are a married couple who have a son named Rudolph.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed ReindeerEdit

Rudolph's InfancyEdit

The pair are first seen at the start of the film where their son Rudolph is born. They're happiness turns to shock when Rudolph's nose begins to light up. When Santa says that the glow will have to stop in order for Rudolph to join The Sleigh Team, Donner puts mud on his son's nose, but it doesn't stay.

Rudolph's Yearling LifeEdit

A year later, Mrs. Donner watches on as Donner puts a fake nose on Rudolph to make him look normal, but it causes Rudolph to speak funny. After Rudolph runs away after being laughed at by the other young bucks and banned from The Reindeer Games after his red nose is revealed, Mrs. Donner wishes to go with her husband to find their son, but he insists that this job is a man's work. However as soon as he leaves, Mrs. Donner and Clarice follow him.

Rudolph's AdolescenceEdit

Months later, the pair and Clarice are captured by Bumble and are held hostage in his cave. Just then, Rudolph (after being informed by Santa of their search for him) arrives and battles Bumble, but is knocked out in the process. Whilst Hermey and Yukon Cornelius deal with Bumble (by knocking him out and extracting his teeth), Donner, Mrs. Donner and Clarice look worriedly down at Rudolph, but luckily he regains consciousness.

After Yukon supposedly sacrifices himself to save the others from Bumble, Donner, Mrs. Donner, Rudolph and Clarice return to their village where they are warmly welcomed by Santa and the other reindeer and elves, before Yukon is revealed to be alive and well with a reformed Bumble. Donner and Mrs. Donner, along with Clarice, watch on proudly as Rudolph guides Santa and the sleigh team through the fog with his nose's light.