Eye Colour


Hair Colour

Light Brown


Santa's Village


Doggle, Rudolph, Zoey, Slyly, Leonard, Santa Claus, Flyers, Other Elves, Stormella, Ridley


Stormella (formally), Ridley (formally)

Voiced By

Richard Simmons

Boone is a character in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie and it's sequel book Rudolph Saves The Sprites. He is one of Santa Claus's elves.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The MovieEdit

Boone is first seen delivering mail to Santa with Doggle hoping that they will eventually be promoted to working in the toy factory. Their mail sleigh malfunctions when they are crossing Stormella's bridge and end up crashing into and destroying her ice garden which causes her to threaten to cast a storm to put Santa out of business.

He along with Doggle are later seen years later playing a card game before Santa arrives and sends them out to find Rudolph and Zoey which they do and bring them back to the village. Boone is last seen along with Doggle, Arrow, Zoey and the other reindeer and elves celebrating when Rudolph saves Christmas.

Rudolph Saves The SpritesEdit

In this book (which takes place after the film), Boone makes two appearances. The first is with Doggle, Rudolph and several other elves and reindeer attending Santa's Winter Celebrations.

He is last seen with Doggle preparing the Flyers to help Santa look for the Sprites of the Northern Lights, after they failed to appear at the celebrations to perform their light show.



  • After been found, Rudolph knew both Boone and Doggle by name despite only been seen interacting with Doggle. Though it is possible that he and Boone have interacted with each other off-screen.
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